HELEX Law offers legal advice and litigation concerning hiring, management and termination of staff. Negotiations with the Works Council and Workers Unions. Social Plans, company restructuring and company closure. Our services include:


  • Hiring of staff, employment contracts and employment benefits plans
  • Posting of workers abroad
  • Specialized subjects concerning employment contracts (such as  employee insurances, pension, salary splits and the 30 % tax ruling)
  • Company car benefits
  • Works council agreements / Employee handbook 
  • Aplicability of collective labour agreements 
  • Incapacity to work due to illness and reintegration to the workplace
  • Privacy issues
  • Occupational injuries
  • Non-competition clauses 
  • Employment contract termination 
  • Works council issues
  • Employment issues following a transfer of undertaking
  • Restructuring
  • Collective redundancies

Contact: Marije van der Tol / Ute Acker

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