Marije van der Tol

Attorney & Rechtsanwältin

+31 10 310 0893

Marije van der Tol is specialised in Dutch and German employment law. From her experience, resolving and preventing legal problems quickly and efficiently demands more than simply being able to quote employment law and speak different languages. Marije is one of few employment law attorneys that are not only registered to deal with legal issues in both the Netherlands and Germany. She also has the experience of living and working in both countries as an employment attorney for many years. Dutch by background, Marije is admitted to the Dutch Bar Association since 1996, working as an employment law attorney. For several years she was Partner in a mid-size law firm in Amsterdam. From 2011 und 2017 she worked as an employment law attorney in Germany in the field of German employment law. Since 2014 she is admitted to the German Bar Association.

This means Marije not only has an applied working knowledge of the law as it applies to your business, she also knows the cultural and courtroom similarities and differences between the Netherlands and Germany, which can make all the difference in looking after you and what’s important to you.

Marije communicates fluently not only in Dutch and German but also in English due to many years of experience working for clients that have English as their corporate language. So irrespective of where you live, or where your business operates, Marije is able to communicate with you and the people you’re dealing with in your / their own language.